E-mail Box is Full, or Filling Up



Your e-mail box on the server is just like any mail box in that it will only hold so much. If it begins to get full you should receive a warning such as:

The following users are near or have exceeded their individual mail quota:
name@yourdomainl.com: critical

It is important that e-mail boxes be properly maintained so that you can continue to receive your e-mail with out interruptions.

Set your mailbox the correct size.

The default setting for your mailbox is 10 meg.  This should be satisfactory for most users.  If you need to be receiving e-mail with large attachments, such as a large number of photos or video, you may want to increase your e-mail box size.  See "Manage E-Mail Accounts" to set options. Do not increase your mailbox to a size larger than what you need. Increasing the size will decrease the space available for other functions such as the operation of your website.

Be sure to set your spam filters. See "MailScanner" for more information. Check your settings for forwarding spam. If you are forwarding spam to a nonexistent address the e-mail will back up into the e-mail buffer and eventually cause serious problems.

Don't use you e-mail box for storage.  If you get e-mail or attachments you would like to keep, move them to a different file on you computer. This frees up you mailbox space.

If your mailbox becomes full you can quickly increase the size to continue to receive e-mail.  This is a great temporary fix, but it's best to figure out why it's full and take steps to reduce the e-mail stored in the box.

Keeping your e-mail box clean when you access your e-mail on the web.
Keeping your e-mail box clean when you use Outlook or Outlook Express

Keeping your e-mail box clean when you access your e-mail on the web. 

If you access your e-mail directly on the web you should delete mail after you have read it. Even then it is stored in a "deleted items" folder. You must empty the folder or the e-mail continues to take up space in the e-mail box.

  • If you are using NeoMail simply click on the "Empty Trash" icon.
  • If you are using Horde, click on the "Purge Deleted" link.
  • If you are using "SquirrelMail" you will see the "(purge)" next to "INBOX Trash" in the folders view. Click on the "(purge)" link to delete the e-mail.  If the link does not exist the "INBOX Trash" folder is already empty.

You may also be saving a copy of sent items.  Make sure you delete these items when they are no longer needed.

Keeping your e-mail box clean when you use Outlook or Outlook Express.

If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express you must make sure the settings are correct or a copy of your e-mail will remain on the server.  If the e-mail remains too long your box will fill up.

These instructions may not be correct for all versions of Outlook or Outlook Express.  The settings are almost always the same but getting to the settings may vary.

On Outlook or Outlook express you can find the "Delivery" options by selecting "Tools" then "Accounts". Look at the tabs and select "Mail".  Select one of your accounts (if you have more than one) and then click on "Properties" This will open the "Properties" window.  Select the "Advanced" tab.

Look near the bottom and you will see the "Delivery" options.

If the box beside "Leave a copy of messages on server" is not checked the server will not save a copy and your e-mail box should not fill up.

In many cases you would want to leave a copy. This can be helpful if you pick up your messages from more than one computer. You can check the box and keep a copy on the server for a short time.

If you choose to leave a copy on the server you need to choose when it should be deleted.  You can remove the e-mail from the server after a number of days or when you remove it from your e-mail program.  If you don't choose either option the e-mail will remain on the server indefinably and you e-mail box will soon fill up.

You can choose to remove the e-mail on a set number of days after you download the e-mail.  For example if you use the settings shown above and you receive a e-mail, a copy of the e-mail will remain on the server for five days, if you check you e-mail each day.  If you don't check you e-mail each day the mail isn't deleted from the server until the first time you log in after the five days have expired. The number of days can be adjusted to meet your needs, but remember, the more days allowed the more e-mail is stored in your mailbox.

The other option is to remove e-mail from the server when it is removed from your "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook.  If you do not remove old messages from your Deleted Items folder they remain on the server until you do.

As shown above you can select both options.  This allows you to remove items from the server immediately by moving them to the "Deleted Items" folder and then emptying the "Deleted Items" folder.  If you don't move them to the "Deleted Items" folder they will be removed from the server after the number of days specified in the settings.

The last thing you need to do is set the "Aging" on the server.  This is done from the e-mail management in your server control panel. See "Manage E-Mail Accounts" to set options.  Set the aging on the server for the number of days to save the e-mail after it has been read. This is basically a safeguard to make sure e-mail is cleared from the server after it has been downloaded to Outlook or some other e-mail program.  

Important. If you access your e-mail directly on the server and move an e-mail to the "Deleted Items" folder in Neomail, Horde, or Squirrel Mail, the settings in Outlook may  not delete that e-mail.  You must return to the program to clean out the deleted items folder.